Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aku nak menang RM300 hahaha

Last aku tahu pasal diri aku pada 2007. Itu pun time orientation week. Menurut personalitiy test yang aku ingat, "I like to deal with people", "I am natural leader". Aku percaya dan aku pegang sampai hari ni bahawa aku ni takde masalah dengan orang. Aku boleh communicate dengan bagusnya, aku boleh faham orang, aku adalah orang yang boleh terima apa saja perangai orang. Itu 2007, 2008 punya cerita.

Hari ni, 2012

"Being a shy, quiet and reserved person, Ms Amalina prefers her own company and feels awkward when meeting people for the first time. In social gatherings, she tends to stay in the background."

Aku dah berubah.

"Ms Amalina is not one who prefers strong or deep bonds, and avoids close interpersonal relationships. She is reluctant to form attachments, preferring to keep people at a distance. She prefers relationships to remain casual and superficial. Less trusting."

Aku susah nak suka orang.

"Ms Amalina is selective in lending support to others. She often remains detached and unsympathetic. Ms Amalina may not regard the welfare of another person as the most important aspect of their relationship. She is not likely to want to be involved in the problems of others unless necessary."

Mungkin betul cakap farhan, aku selfish, tak pandai ambik hati orang, bla bla bla.


p/s: nak try personality test ni tak? Bak email cepaaat, 

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Naaak..! Boleh?


Ok, sy dah emailkan. dapat tak?


nak jugak! ~dengan muka mengharap~ hehe :D


ok done! try ler :)


weird, tapi surprisingly ada persamaan disitu. you back then and you now tak jauh beza with how i was back then and how i am now.

kadang tu i wonder how can i lost touch with that connection. how can i be so different now. so reserved.

btw, care to gimme the link as well? hehe. (


Dapat dah. TQ2. Baru paham kenapa tajuk tu "aku nak menang rm300"



geeds: why you very similar with me haa? dari dulu lagi tau tak(itupun kalau you ingat blog semantik satu ketika dulu la) hehehe. the old story.

And like it always will, time moved us on. Time brings lot of change. Yeah, we are growing but time growing old teaches all things. :)

Sure, I already forwarded the email and looking forward to hear from you!


syuhadaa: hahaha you got me now! :D

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huhu can i have one too ?
anonymous with e-mail haha


hi anon haha. sure, i already forwarded to your email. :)